Equine Solutions, Naturally

About us: Over the past 25+ years we have grown and evolved into several aspects of horse healthcare. Dedicated to serving all equestrian disciplines, we currently offer a number of services, locally - equine bodywork, nutritional consultations (I am a certified ND) and remedial training. We travel throughout the southeast - presenting products and education at events, clinics and workshops.

Your consultant: I have been involved with natural health since the mid 1980s, and was, of course, horse crazy way before that. In 1992 I was certified as an herb specialist and began my pursuit of a natural health degree. Certified as an N.D. in 1995, my business practice focused on human bodywork and herbal nutrition & consultations. In 2000, I began working with horses professionally. I relocated to Georgia in 2004. It was then that I decided to go strictly equine in my business pursuits. Equine Bodywork & Integrated Therapies was established in 2005.

Rehabilitation, sports medicine, and biomechanical functions are the foundation of my equine bodywork business. It is how my specialty soon became nutrition and lameness issues with performance horses. Of course, that required me to find the appropriate nutritional supplements for the chronic horse problems that I was seeing with my client's horses. 

Omega Alpha Equine Supplements: I was introduced to this product line by a veterinarian at a lameness clinic that we hosted. They are all-natural which is important to me. They are primarily liquid form, which means they are quickly absorbed. I used them with 2 of our horses and got to see the benefits first-hand! Well, they just work!

The formulas are easy to administer and horses like them! These formulas are amazingly effective. Testimonials from top-level professionals, in all disciplines, continue to emphasize the benefits of quality products. Only available through equine professionals, we offer the products to you - shipped directly to your door.

Omega Alpha Equine is our supplement manufacturer and supplier. New product lines will be added only if we believe they work. Find company information here:  OmegaAlpha 

Coming very soon: AcuLife Phototherapy Patches and a catalog of available products through LifeWaveInc. You can see more information on this new pain relief technology here: LifeWave 

We believe in quality over quantity. We believe in education for informed decisions. We believe in responsibility and accountability. We believe in good horsemanship and good horse management, whether it is your 'old friend' or top level competition horse. Finally, we believe we can help you - whatever "issues" your horse is experiencing, we believe you CAN find success and a happy, healthy horse. 

Again, thanks for visiting our store and we look forward to serving you in the future.