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Hormone and Sugar Normalizing Formula
Hormone and Sugar Normalizing Formula

Adren-FX™ Gallon

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Adren-FX™ supports metabolic issues - Cushing's, Insulin Resistance, PPID
Size: 4 L/1 Gallon
Feature: Supports Immunity and Metabolic Issues
Adren-FX™      Hormone & Sugar Normalizing Formula

Helps promote healthy blood sugar levels and balance hormones; both are important for horses with some symptoms of metabolic disorders, such as: excessive hair growth, inability to shed, cresty neck and fat deposits.

Supporting hormones and equine metabolic activity promotes healthy weight, good immunity and energy levels. 

Typically, nutritional deficiencies are long term conditions that develop gradually and can be corrected through dietary supplementation. (Source: Merck Veterinary Manual)

Please contact us via email (subject line consultation) and we will be happy to help customize a program for your horse!

See the Information & FAQ tabs for specific, educational information.

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