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EnduraForce™ Paste
EnduraForce™ Paste promotes sustained energy and better recovery in high performance horses.

EnduraForce™ Paste

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For sustained energy and increased stamina during competition and heavy training and better post event recovery, use EnduraForce™ Paste in the convenient travel tube.
Size: 60 cc
Feature: Increase stamina and energy for all events, from pleasurable, but long trail days to 3 day rigorous competitions!
Feature: Use in training and competition. This is probably one of the most popular products, no matter the discipline. It is a must to keep in the trailer kit!
EnduraForce™ Paste   For Sustained energy 

Use to improve energy during competition and better post event recovery or whenever a higher level of energy is required and improved performance is desired. This formulation contains EnduraGin Concentrate (a liquid formula) with additional supportive extracts for competition days. EnduraForce™ Paste is a power packed combination formula containing energy enhancing and restorative herbs along with ingredients that promote better muscle function. Not just for competition, use this product when your horse is in heavy training for increased energy, muscle repair and recovery. 

Please contact us via email (subject line consultation) and we will be happy to help customize a program for your horse!

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