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Glucosamine Joint Powder
Glucosamine Joint Powder

GLS Powder™

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Size: 1 kg/2.2 lbs
Feature: Help Cartilage Repair
Feature: Higher Bio-Availability!
GLS Powder™    D-Glucosamine Sulfate Plus Essential Trace Minerals

This is a beneficial formulation for maintaining healthy joints in performance horses, geriatric horses, and those on stall rest. It uses bio-available forms of D-Glucosamine, MSM, Silicon and Boron for better bone density. It is also beneficial for young horses in training to promote proper growth. It acts as a source of raw materials for cartilage repair and supplies sulfur, important for many biochemical actions in the body. Silica and boron (trace minerals) are critical for cartilage, ligament and bone strength. D form glucosamine has higher bio-availability than regular glucosamine, providing a greater incorporation into joints. Contains MSM** which also has both building and anti-inflammatory properties

** Always check regulations for the discipline regarding administering any substance (whether any ingredients are on the list or not) prior to a competition. All ingredients are listed on the Ingredient Tab.

Manufactured under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.

Please contact us via email (subject line consultation) and we will be happy to help customize a program for your horse!

See the Information & FAQ tabs for specific, educational information.

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