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Performance & Recovery - Promote Muscle Mass and Weight Gain
Performance & Recovery - Promote Muscle Mass and Weight Gain

Gamma Oryzanol

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Omega Alpha Gamma Oryzanol is a performance and recovery product used to promote muscle mass and weight gain. Derived from rice bran, it is pure, pharmaceutical grade; with no additives or fillers. .
Size: 500 gram/1.1 lb
Feature: Use for muscle building
Feature: Use for weight gain
Gamma Oryzanol          Performance and Recovery

Gamma Oryzanol is often supplemented for horses wintering on competition breaks, young horses in training, senior hard keepers, and horses returning to work after illness or injury. It is used to support the growth of lean muscle mass (stimulates the endocrine system) and promotes weight gain by increasing the appetite. This extract from Omega Alpha Equine is pure, pharmaceutical grade with antioxidant properties and support for healthy enzyme levels (important for the breakdown and absorption of feed). Research in horses showed improved muscle definition throughout the body. This is a natural supplement to use with young growing horses in training, show horses, hard keepers and the high performance and competition athlete. Other benefits noted are reduced stress levels and it helps to calm the sour or agitated horse (excellent for lay up time following illness or injury).                    .

Manufactured under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. 

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