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Maintain A Healthy Intestinal Tract
Maintain A Healthy Intestinal Tract


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Gastra-FX improves fore gut and hind gut gastro-intestinal health
Size: 1L/Quart
Feature: Complete GI Health Program - Combine with Biotic 8 and RegenerEQ
Gastra-FX™         Stomach Support Formula

This formulation is used as an aid in the maintenance of normal stomach health. It soothes and promotes a healthy gut. This combination of traditional herbal extracts in a liquid form is quickly absorbed and beneficial for all gastric  issues. A recommended companion product for general wellness and immune support is Biotic 8. For serious gastro-intestinal issues (ulcers, etc.), we have a 16 Day Program that includes RegenerEQ, a G.I. Regenerator and Appetite Stimulant, for a total gastro-intestinal program. See the related products below; purchase the combination and get free shipping!

Helps Maintain A Healthy Intestinal Tract

  • Promotes quick relief and healing of inflamed tissue in the GI tract
  • Reduces gas, bloating (hay belly), discomfort and colic systems
  • Combine with Biotic 8 and RegenerEQ to support horses with ulcers
  • Aids in digestion and nutrient absorption

CAUTION: Oral use only. Shake well before use. Not recommended for mares in foal

Please contact us via email (subject line consultation) and we will be happy to help customize a program for your horse!

See the Information & FAQ tabs for specific, educational information.

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