Biotic 8™ 500 g  - Pre & Probiotic Digestive Tract Formula
EnduraGin™ - Energy & Endurance Formula
Healthy Horse™  - A 4-in-1 Combination for Immune Building
Immune Plus™ - Immune System Formula
Vantiox™ - Antioxidant - Muscle + Cell Protector

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Mature, idle horses on a sound nutritional program are likely to be getting everything they need to keep their immune status strong enough to protect them against disease. However, some groups of horses are at increased risk of illness because of challenges to their immune systems. Young horses, weanlings, senior horses, undernourished or starved equines, horses in heavy training, those that travel frequently, and those that are exposed to various other types of stress may need some help in avoiding infections. For these horses, certain nutrients can give the immune system a boost. 

When an older horse is injured, the existence of a compromised immune system coupled with a pre-existing pro-inflammatory state puts it at risk for: infection, medical complications, longer recovery times, and a greater need for rehabilitation following injury (and a greater need for resources (including $$$ during treatment) and mortality.