EnduraForce™ Paste - Sustained Energy & Recovery
EnduraGin™ - Energy & Endurance Formula
Healthy Horse™  - Whole Horse Metabolism Support
Hemex™  - Blood Formula for Red Blood Cells
Immune Plus™ - Immune System Stimulant
Liver Flush™ - Liver Support Formula
Testos Boost™ - Testosterone Building Formula

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High energy does not have to mean high extra-curricular activity! All athletes require higher levels of energy to put into their performance. Supporting the body naturally allows the horse to moderate the energies spent by balancing the concentrations of where they are sourcing their athletic abilities. Overuse of muscle groups demands longer recovery times and causes tissue stress which leads to tissue fatigue and a loss of stamina and endurance. Boosting the overall immune system provides more available energy than any supplement designated for a one-time boost. A healthy liver easily metabolizes toxins and metabolic waste to be removed from the body. Antioxidants support lung tissue, function, and peak efficiency for oxygen exchange.

An energetic horse has a good attitude, performs well, feels good, recovers quickly and is willing and able to carry out the task at hand!