AntiFlam™  - Supports Sound Feet & Joints
GLS Powder™ - Glucosamine Joint Formula
HA-180™ - Oral Hyaluronic Acid - Synovial Fluid Support
Sinew-X™ - Muscle, Joint & Ligament Formula (MSM)
Sinew-X Plus™ - Muscle, Joint & Ligament Formula (HA)

Simply click the link(s) above to view the product specifics to assist with maintaining healthy joints (cartilage and synovial fluid), soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments) and encourage healthy biomechanical movements (prevents injuries, lameness issues) and optimal pain-free performance.


Joints provide a range of motion and movement to the bones of the horse. Soft tissue - muscles, tendons, and ligaments create the movement and stabilize the joints to keep movement "structured".  Bone surfaces are covered with cartilage that move within a protective "pocket" of synovial fluid. Without proper cushioning, the bones cannot move without causing pain. Muscles, tendons and ligaments are attached to the bones to "move" the bones and keep them in controlled movement.  

All movement requires proper bio-mechanical function - when one joint weakens, all others will compensate - causing soft tissue injuries, hoof imbalances, back soreness, irritability, poor performance.. and the list goes on!

Soft tissue injuries are often due to unhealthy joints; causing strains, sprains, tears, endless recovery time and may lead to permanent lameness!