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Intestinal Cleansing Formula
Intestinal Cleansing Formula

Para-X™ Gallon

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Para-X™ is a broad spectrum intestinal cleanser to rid the body of unwelcome intestinal invaders (parasites)
Size: 4 L/1 Gallon
Feature: Supports your current de-worming program!
Feature: Broad Spectrum
Feature: Economy Size- Save $20!
Para-X™       Intestinal Cleansing Formula

Used as an internal cleanser, this formulation works for your horse to reduce and rid the body of unwanted "internal guests". 

It is commonly suggested to perform fecal egg counts to know exactly what the parasite burden is in each particular horse. Not all parasites can be detected by fecal egg counts. If your horse is lacking vitality, despite regular chemical de-worming, consider this intestinal cleanse.

Another reason why your horse may be lacking vitality is absorption of nutrients through the digestive system. We have companion products for the gastro-intestinal tract that are extremely beneficial. In this scenario, you may consider Gastra-FX™, Biotic8™, and RegenerEQ™ - by Omega Alpha Equine - our best selling combination of products for all gastric issues and available for sale here.

Other Cleansing Products are Liver Flush, Kidney Flush, Lung Flush, Healthy Horse, Hemex, and Immune Plus. 

Please contact us via email (subject line consultation) and we will be happy to help customize a program for your horse!

See the Information & FAQ tabs for specific, educational information.

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