Simply click the link(s) above to view the product suggestions and specifics to assist with problem solving to improve performance and overall athletic ability, and maintain it. 

I could list all the products we have available for horses, because they all are an integral part of the equine athlete's ability to perform and maintain soundness. Instead I will give you some general observations on things that you can do to improve your horse's performance.

1. GI Health is paramount to your horse absorbing the supplements you provide. Your horse may need a more specific program than the run-of-the-mill, off the shelf product. 

2. Less is more. Address the weakest link (worst issue) in order for your horse to strengthen and resolve the lesser problems. Using the most effective combination or single formula allows you to target an issue and measure the results. Concentrated extracts are more effective than raw herbs. All-natural is safer and healthier. Liquid formulations absorb easier and quicker - think of more bang for your buck! 

3. Gather your professional team, and ask questions. Create a plan. Give your plan a fair shake - stay committed for at least 30, if not 90, days. Be willing to make changes, and then EDUCATE YOURSELF

This 'store' will be offering professional consultations, educational articles & links, and suggest programs that leave YOU in control of your horse's health and performance.