Airwaves™  - Airway Enhancement Formula
Healthy Horse™  - A 4-in-1 Solution 
Herba Coff™  - Airway Irritation Formula
Lung Flush™  - Lung Support Formula
Respi-Free™  - Respiratory System Formula
Stasis™  - Lung Capillary Formula (Bleeders)

Simply click the link(s) above to view the product suggestions and specifics to assist with respiratory health, thinning mucus and dislodging phlegm.

Support breathing & oxygenation for rest, repair, recovery and performance.

High performance horses need oxygen... a lot of it. Support the lung function. Competition horses travel a lot and are exposed to irritants daily. Soothe the airways.

Heaves? RAO? COPD? Open up the airways with natural formulations.
Nasal Discharges? Bleeders? Strengthen capillaries & clear mucus.
Low performance or stamina? Cleanse, support and increase lung function.
Dry Cough? Use a 3-in-1 (a suppressant, expectorant, & bronchodilator).
Stable Cough or Allergies? Use a combination with an anti-histamine.

Most respiratory conditions can be supported with nutritional therapy. For some serious conditions, formulations can be combined with conventional medications to perhaps lessen some of the eventual side effects.