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Sinew-X Plus™ - Muscle, Joint & Ligament Formula (HA)

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Stocking Up is caused by inactivity and reduced lymph flow, is usually not serious and resolves with exercise. It can affect all four legs, but is usually seen in the hind legs. If accompanied by lameness, elevated temperature, or warmth in the leg or hoof; it is more than stocking up.

Swelling in a single leg is likely to signal a serious condition. Horses can "blow up" a leg in response to a scratch, cut, or puncture wound. The leg may be warm as well as swollen. A horse with significant swelling in all four legs may have some type of systemic illness. This could be a sign of heart trouble, liver or kidney dysfunctions, or a bacterial or viral infection.

Normal horse urine can range from colorless and clear to dark yellow and cloudy. Though it may change color as it oxidizes, it should stay within this range. However, if it looks red, brown, orange, or coffee-colored - it may be a sign of disease or muscle strain.

Sore backs show up for any number of reasons: poor saddle fit, overwork, poor bio-mechanical movements, hard work, slips or falls, OR may also be a sign of poor kidney function.

Did you know? Shades of red or orange when urine hits snowy ground may be somewhat normal for healthy horses (plant metabolites mixing with oxygen can produce a "color").