Authorized representative with Omega Alpha Equine - Did you know that using nutrition as a therapy can help to improve or correct a number of issues? Not just for general horse health, the proper nutrients can enhance your management program, and solve many unanswered questions regarding behavior, training issues, performance, focus, lameness issues, and rehabilitation as horses recover from illness and injuries. 

With over 25 years of experience in the horse industry, and a certified natural health consultant (ND), we have answers for you - complimentary consultations are available to ensure a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Independent Distributor with LifeWave, Inc.


These phototherapy patches are a revolutionary way to enhance your general wellness, as well as manage your horse's pain and muscular stress issues contributing to common performance problems. 

As a certified AcuLife trainer, equine professional and naturopathic consultant, I can assist you with education and supportive application protocols.

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